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We make sure clients are making the best use of their investments, while understanding and ultimately managing risk.



Based on a thorough understanding of our client’s business, technical goals, and strategic goals, BIMASS makes sure clients are making the best use of their investments, while understanding and ultimately managing risk.

Both Government and commercial organizations rely on BIMASS to go beyond industry standard offerings by delivering compliant, secure services and solutions.

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  • Put you and your interests first

  • Provide an independent and unbiased approach for tools and solutions

  • Make a difference, not just meeting sales quotas

  • Build meaningful relationships, focusing on quality and value

  • Always be straightforward and provide recommendations that fit your needs

Based on our experience working with government, private, and regulatory agencies implementing security programs, we know the challenges, and we are able to provide the right combination of leadership, methodology, and technology for success! 


Features & Benefits

What you see is what you get and more, no fine print, no false promises, and just the facts. Most organizations don’t like what we have to say initially as we will be brutally honest as we don’t want our customers to think that everything is fine and that there are no potential issues. We are here as trust advisors and are interested in providing what is in the best interest of our clients. After all, would you work with someone you can’t trust?

Risk Assessment

BIMASS is based on growing challenges faced by organizations with risks misunderstood or mis-managed


Able to take real-life experience to rectify companies and governments in months to have manageable risk

Data Management

Found data in organizations to not be updated or inaccurate to ensure that risk was being managed

Value Determination

With over 60+ years of security consulting and product experience that ensures customer dollars are spent in the right areas and that value is seen across the enterprise


Performing risk assessments and keeping up vendor assessments can be a major challenge. But Risk Dynamix provides the capability to effectively manage and track assessments within your company and for external third-party vendors. Its online dashboard provides progress tracking and results for assessments, while also providing the ability to generate assessment reports.

                    Key Features

    • Multiple frameworks: A variety of frameworks are available based on industry standards that provides specific criteria for each security control for measuring the practices and procedures
    • Managing assessments: One person can complete the assessment or assign portions to other team members to complete online. Also, vendors can be sent an invite and complete an assessment with the results viewable and tracked on the dashboard.
    • Remediation resources:  Results summaries for tracking progress, with real-time updates and downloadable resources for remediation (e.g., Corrective Action Plan, Security Policy Manual, etc.)

Risk Dynamix has been designed by security professionals as a flexible tool for conducting, tracking, and reporting on assessments using a variety of frameworks and involving multiple entities in the risk management process.

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